The mission

The mission of Spiritlinks is spreading a concept that the cause of the major problems of modern civilization is money and blind diligence and promoting love and money-free lifestyle.

Is this really the life we wanted?

Modern technology and urban life have made our lives easier and glamorous. Men have become able to pursue opportunities and live their lives however they like, and women have become able to live their lives independently without relying on men. We call it freedom, but are we really free? Nobody bothers you in a big city, but at the same time, nobody shows interest in you. People feel connected with other people through internet, but are they really connected? Internet is mostly virtual reality, and there is no real friendship, trust, and love in there. Bragging, and lookism are rather common on the media like Instagram and Tinder, and younger people are losing self-confidence. Sexlessness is not just Japanese problem any more. It is becoming world wide problem. Is this the life we really wanted?

Urban people are slaves of money

Urban people believe they are independent, but it's a great myth. They rely on money. We used to produce our own food, but today urban people cannot produce food. They cannot survive without money.

This civilization is coming to an end

The economy has cycles, and great depression comes repeatedly. The previous big ones were German hyperinflation and the great depression, and they caused World War 2. The total worldwide debt we have accumulated is $253 trillion, which is too big to pay off. The next coming depression will the biggest in the human history. It's not only economy that is coming to an end but also the earth environment. We have wiped out half of insects, birds, fish, and wild animals in the last 40 years, and the next is us. The ground water of north American continent will be used up soon, and agriculture will be impossible. Male sperm count has decreased by 50% in the last 40 years, and we won't be able to make children anymore.

Money and blind diligence are the cause of all the problems of modern civilization

How money is created had been hidden from public eyes for centuries. It's only been two or three decades since it was revealed. Banks create money as a form of debt. Money is debt. Debt comes with interest. Then all the money comes with interest. Interest is surplus. Then all the money must create surplus. Then a conclusion drawn from these premises is that the economy must grow in order to pay interest. According to The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (1905) by Max Weber, the Protestants' blind diligence was the essential element of capitalism. Now combine these two premises. The conclusion is that capitalism is a machine of economical growth that has no brake, a runaway train that nobody can stop, and this is why we cannot stop destroying the earth. Jesus didn't say we must work diligently. He actually said we should live like birds. The teaching of blind diligence actually goes against true Christianity.

Money also has deceptive side. Money-hungers cannot make money if we don't work hard so they allure people with the charm of money and brainwash them into thinking we cannot live without money.

Depopulation plan is real

narrow gate

I used to think the illustration was just a parable, but I realized it was real after corona pandemic started. Depopulation plan is real. Devils allure people with money and literally send them to hell.

Promotion of love

We will go to hell if we don't free ourselves from being slaves to money, and the first step to be free is I think realizing how important love is because surviving alone doesn't have much point. We all die sooner or later so if we survive, we should survive for our children. It's been widely known Japan has sexlessness and birth rate problem, and the reason is money and MacArthur feminism. The West is taking the same path as Japan's because the West has the same problems. The reason Jesus Christ was great is because he taught love and separated it from money. When love is mixed up with money, men stop looking for women and escape to anime, games, and internet porn. Love has to be pure and spiritual approach is the only way to fight sexlessness. Christian church made sex a taboo, but Jesus didn't make it a taboo. It was not Jesus but people who made it a taboo. It is evil to make sex a taboo if it is for money.

I'm Kay Omura from Japan. I have been a spiritist for 30 years, a conspiracy theorist since Iraq war, and a prepper for 10 years.

Kay Omura

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